Work Wear: Flip Top

I am in my shopping ban and is surviving for a month and a week now. Will I take this as a sign of maturity? If it is, then let's toast to that!

Well I guess, I do embrace the circle of maturity that's taking over my entire system. I mean, the way I see things now is quite more discerning than how I used to ten years ago. Back then, I severely abhor people whom I think are not, in other way, adhere to what I perceive as the epitome of a correct human behavior. Case in point: I hate social climbers. I hate people that are too negative. I hate people who sees themselves as above the others. And my "hate" list goes on and on.

But little by little, I let go of the disgust that I feel for these kind of unlikable people and slowly widened my horizon in the field of understanding. I embraces the concept of: to each is his own. I realized that the diversity of the people, just like the animals and the plants, is what makes this life pretty more interesting. It is the art of mankind - to live and understand one another and seek positivity in every situation.

I guess this solidify that wisdom comes with age. Living close to thirty years taught me the greater scale of the world. And that the world does not revolve around me alone nor my views and preferences are the ideal ones. So the best thing to deal with it is to accept how diversified people are, values and characters included.

So that's my spontaneous piece on maturity.

My self-imposed shopping ban came after I realized that I have a total of four standard sized closets swallowing my piles of clothes. Clothes that most of them are only worn less than five times. So I reckon, it is time to spring clean my closets. But letting go of my clothes is not an easy task. I always feel a sense of attachment to every piece and I always think that I might be using them to complete the looks of my future outfits. Ok, that was a longer way of saying that I am a hoarder.

And so I decided that I'd wear my clothes in full cycle and whatever that would not suit my taste, I would let go of them. Ouch, that thought hurts, you know... :(

Most of my outfits are not that well planned as I would rather cuddle in my bed for a few more minutes every morning than getting up earlier to do matching-matching of my day's ensemble. But I must admit, I often end up changing like 10x before deciding what to wear.

Black and light pink were my chosen colors for the day and I love how my top and my skirt complemented each other. The unique cut of my top makes it an interesting piece. This is actually a dress but due to the immense width of my thighs and the vast circumference of my legs. this dress is best worn as a top.

I love how this prep up for a work wothy attire but still maintains that hint of playfulness because of the details on my skirt and dress. My skirt is from Forever 21 (which is by the way one of the few abused pieces in wardrobe).

Oh, pardon the oily and unpolished face. Wok has been too exhausting these days that I could rarely find time to fix myself. And yes, these shots are taken when we needed to take a break and do away with the piles of work to be completed. That's what I wanted to achieve on this blog, no photoshops and just the real things that happen to an everyday life of a normal person. :

My necklace is also from my old stash of accessories and I have them in different colors. I told you,  am such a hoarder! It blended the pink shade of my top making it a coordinated look. Now, I put on my ring the last minute so as just to add a pop of different color to my whole look.

It has always been my mantra: powerful heels are the best weapon to look, well, powerful. These are my not-so-new babies from Stella Luna which I grabbed for a steal like two or three years ago. I got them from sale (along with other 3) that's like 70% off. These heels are quite heavy to walk on but for my love for heels, I don't mind walking with them with added effort.
 ...And this is me taking my mirror shot. Lol.


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