Travel Glimpse: Sambawan Island, Biliran

Without a doubt, our trip to Simabawan island was the highlight of our Biliran escapade.

This trip needed us to travel by plane to Tacloban, 3 hour van ride going to Naval, 45 minutes or so ride via habal habal and more than an hour of "life-threatening" bangka ride. Double that for the round trip. Needless to say, it was the scariest boat ride of my life! Yes, talk about magnanimous waves constantly splashing our poor faces and salt-infested eyes. The start of the bangka trip already signaled an adventure of a lifetime as we all must get through the boat by this:

And here we are wondering what lies ahead of us in the middle of a seemingly abandoned body of water during that day!

I guess, that is our prize for solely pushing to sail onto the vast body of water amidst the super typhoon that hit the Luzon area. Ah, these friends who are most willing to try or experience anything just to see the nature's unspoilt beauty! As we say, buwis buhay!

But although it was a scary ride, we still managed to smile when we finally set foot on the quite island!

The turquoise water kissing the powdery white sand and hills that are lining up pride themselves with a mix of green and golden shrubs sitting on their faces - oh, what a welcome sight! The sand is not as fine and white as that of Calaguas but pretty enough to tease your feet onto it and lying your back on its soft touch. Sadly, since the weather is not at all summer mode (and not to mention the super typhoon), the waves are quite angry while spanking the edges of the shores. Nevertheless, we managed to swim and have fun in the water!

After a sumptuous lechon lunch, we took a quick nap by the "papag" strategically placed on the upper part of the shores. Ah!

And then there's the iconic scene of Sambawan island. Beautiful! Hawaii? Palui? No, it's Simbawan! Okay, I know it's a failed marketing ad! But set aside my lack of marketing skills and let me bomb your screens with photos to help you appreciate the true beauty of the island




Was it worth all the effort to go there? For tourists who seek comfort in every travel, it is a BIG no but for the adventure seekers, definitely it is! It is something that you would want to go and see for yourself and when you're there, it is a must to visit everything and say that "once is enough". Sadly for us, we did not push to another islands as our lives are more important than adventures! Lol.

The trip must be tiring to the highest level but as they say, traveling is not all about nice photos but more importantly, it is being with fun people that you could altogether create lasting memories! Yes, inside jokes for the win!!!

How did we get there:
1. Plane ride from Manila to Tacloban
2. Van  ride (Duptours) going to Naval, Biliran
3. Motorbike ride from Naval to Kawayan (fare is Php 80 per person)
4. Bangka ride to Sambawan (Php 2,500 for Sambawan island only)

Other nearby sights to see:
1. Marapipi island (the island which is near the Sambawan island)
2. Higatangan island
3. Dinaluptan island


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