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How do you survive?

I bet people asking me about my life now have one question on their mind which they're itching to ask me (but maybe finds it awkward to ask): how do you survive?

So let's get to the real deal of this. To survive, there are two factors to consider - the income and the expenses. For this piece, I will share my "hacks" on how I manage to keep my expenses at bay.

Cutting my expenses to more than half does not mean I cut the quality of my life - I still eat great food, you know, Lol.

1. Food 

A fool proof hack on food is to make your own. 

A sumptuous dish? I cook. A hot and aromatic coffee? I brew. A mouth watering dessert? I bake or prepare. They aren't the perfect or the tastiest version in the world, but Levy and I love most of our home cooked meals. And that's more than enough!

Cooking our own food slashes a big chunk of our expenses and boy I am loving every minute I spend in our kitchen!

Of course, I don't deprive myself with experiences at good restaura…