Work Wear; Black as My Coffee

Black coffee - it's either you like it or hate it.

In these past few weeks, I have been sticking to my black coffee (oh, with a dash of Splenda) because I think, I am starting to resign onto the sweetness of coffee. Not to mention its unwanted calories, I always feel like craving for more food when I sip a cup of sweetened coffee. It is a double jeopardy.

On another note, my coffee is my starting engine for the day. It puts me to a ready state of what I need to accomplish. There is something in coffee that fills in my soul which brings me to the positive side of life.

And today, as I pressed our office's coffee machine, I randomly noticed that my outfit is likened to a black coffee as well. No frills, no other ingredients, just plain black ensemble.

It feels good. I feel I added a few metrics of maturity.

But ensemble is quite tricky. It could pass as I am dressing for the night (the versatility of LDBs!) so I opted to bring with me my old blazer. Yes, it protects me from the cold brought about by the insane office aircon, too! Blazers are instant transformers of a casual look to a more corporate worthy attire. I believe they are good investments in one's closet.

P.S. This is just me feeling a bit b*tchy by flipping my hair and taking a random shot at the elevator. Hah!


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