Work Wear: Changing Times

I am currently drawn to Words with Friends aka the old school scrabble on my phone. It's a refreshing take on entertainment apart from the Candy Crush and Plants vs Zombies. It's fun doing trash talks (just with your friends, not with a random opponent of course!) especially when you hit a very lucrative word/s!

As I quote Solaire's tag line, the games had changed. Indeed, this statement is true to all aspects of life. Everything has changed even down to the petty things like scrabble. Today, you could play the game at your own convenience - no need for the bulky board and flat surface (and physical opponent), play as many intances as your mind could handle, and debate whether the word do exist or not is unnecessary as you have a single point of words database embedded in the application. I was actually surprised to see weird words that are actually legitimate. I love it. It helps stimulate my mind with creativity and added knowledge.

Everyone needs to cope up with changing times. And by coping up means we have to let go of other things that deter our ability to move forward. Otherwise, we will be listed in the world of irrelevant creatures - an it is not a happy thought.

But arguably, I also believe that everything considered "old" or "outdated" are not necessariy irrelevant. Sometimes, these are the ones who are most practical and most effective that replacing them created a whole lot of complexities. Some could be adjusted to fit the "present" times but should not necessarily be scrapped out of picture. Some people regard technology as the best measure to address all life's challenges, but little did they know that old school tricks can make things simpler but still producing impressive results.

My point is that, things are changing in a fast pace and we must keep up with it by looking into the best possible way to combat the challenges it brings - adapting to the technology or keeping up with the old school way but with a hint of adjustments.

And yes, being relevant is a tough task.

Relating it to fashion, we all know how trends change in a blink of an eye. Today it is a carefree kind of skirt and the next day it is replaced by structured and knee-length ones.

And the hard part is to keep up. And that's where timeless pieces come in.

I am always impartial to whites. They are the easiest to pair with almost anything and at the same time display an aura of sophistication when worn correctly.

Giordano long sleeves, Forever 21 jeans, Burberry bag, Monochromatic open heels bought via


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