How do you survive?

I bet people asking me about my life now have one question on their mind which they're itching to ask me (but maybe finds it awkward to ask): how do you survive?

So let's get to the real deal of this. To survive, there are two factors to consider - the income and the expenses. For this piece, I will share my "hacks" on how I manage to keep my expenses at bay.

Cutting my expenses to more than half does not mean I cut the quality of my life - I still eat great food, you know, Lol.

1. Food 

A fool proof hack on food is to make your own. 

A sumptuous dish? I cook. A hot and aromatic coffee? I brew. A mouth watering dessert? I bake or prepare. They aren't the perfect or the tastiest version in the world, but Levy and I love most of our home cooked meals. And that's more than enough!

Cooking our own food slashes a big chunk of our expenses and boy I am loving every minute I spend in our kitchen!

Of course, I don't deprive myself with experiences at good restaura…

Why did you resign?

It's few weeks away until I celebrate a new "anniversary" in my life. March 1, 2016 was the time that I traded my sky high heels with fit flops, my dress to kill outfits with laid back tee and shorts combo, and my work with my life.

It was the day I left the corporate world after almost 11 years of calling Makati as my second home. And you know the next thing, people keep bugging you with this question: 
Why did you resign?
When asked of this (even after several times already), my mind and heart would always travel to the world of words and attempt to string them together to give a decent answer. But guess what, I'd end up saying this without hesitation: I am not happy anymore. 
A simple answer yet solicits questions from my askers' eyes, to which I really do not bother detailing it but instead give back a go-figure-it-out stare (and a smile). 
But today, I felt like sharing a bit of it.
The thought of quitting work was not a snap decision. It was a long, tedious …

Work Wear: Changing Times

I am currently drawn to Words with Friends aka the old school scrabble on my phone. It's a refreshing take on entertainment apart from the Candy Crush and Plants vs Zombies. It's fun doing trash talks (just with your friends, not with a random opponent of course!) especially when you hit a very lucrative word/s!

As I quote Solaire's tag line, the games had changed. Indeed, this statement is true to all aspects of life. Everything has changed even down to the petty things like scrabble. Today, you could play the game at your own convenience - no need for the bulky board and flat surface (and physical opponent), play as many intances as your mind could handle, and debate whether the word do exist or not is unnecessary as you have a single point of words database embedded in the application. I was actually surprised to see weird words that are actually legitimate. I love it. It helps stimulate my mind with creativity and added knowledge.

Everyone needs to cope up with chan…

Work Wear: Flip Top

I am in my shopping ban and is surviving for a month and a week now. Will I take this as a sign of maturity? If it is, then let's toast to that!

Well I guess, I do embrace the circle of maturity that's taking over my entire system. I mean, the way I see things now is quite more discerning than how I used to ten years ago. Back then, I severely abhor people whom I think are not, in other way, adhere to what I perceive as the epitome of a correct human behavior. Case in point: I hate social climbers. I hate people that are too negative. I hate people who sees themselves as above the others. And my "hate" list goes on and on.

But little by little, I let go of the disgust that I feel for these kind of unlikable people and slowly widened my horizon in the field of understanding. I embraces the concept of: to each is his own. I realized that the diversity of the people, just like the animals and the plants, is what makes this life pretty more interesting. It is the art o…

Travel Glimpse: Sambawan Island, Biliran

Without a doubt, our trip to Simabawan island was the highlight of our Biliran escapade.

This trip needed us to travel by plane to Tacloban, 3 hour van ride going to Naval, 45 minutes or so ride via habal habal and more than an hour of "life-threatening" bangka ride. Double that for the round trip. Needless to say, it was the scariest boat ride of my life! Yes, talk about magnanimous waves constantly splashing our poor faces and salt-infested eyes. The start of the bangka trip already signaled an adventure of a lifetime as we all must get through the boat by this:

And here we are wondering what lies ahead of us in the middle of a seemingly abandoned body of water during that day!

I guess, that is our prize for solely pushing to sail onto the vast body of water amidst the super typhoon that hit the Luzon area. Ah, these friends who are most willing to try or experience anything just to see the nature's unspoilt beauty! As we say, buwis buhay!

But although it was a scary …

Travel Glimpse: Tinago Falls, Biliran Island

Perhaps, one of the differences between a tourist and a traveler/adventure seeker is that the latter goes out of the comfort zone to experience nature's beauty at its finest. The long roads are not obstacles in reaching those intriguing places that one could see for himself.

Biliran island. Not a familiar sound when you ask people of where to go for an escapade. It's not Davao, nor Boracay, nor Cebu.

This island boasts a total of 30 falls, a number of smaller islands, and hotsprings.

One of the stops that we've had was the Tinago falls. From the name itself, this gem is a hidden treasure which needs to be unmasked by going through a 45-minute multicab ride from the main island (Naval).

The good thing about the falls is that there isn't a need to trek further to reach it and the local government has acknowledged it to be a tourist spot, hence the good road! Do you know that feeling when you're going to the "bukid"? The clean air, the lush greens, and th…

Work Wear; Black as My Coffee

Black coffee - it's either you like it or hate it.

In these past few weeks, I have been sticking to my black coffee (oh, with a dash of Splenda) because I think, I am starting to resign onto the sweetness of coffee. Not to mention its unwanted calories, I always feel like craving for more food when I sip a cup of sweetened coffee. It is a double jeopardy.

On another note, my coffee is my starting engine for the day. It puts me to a ready state of what I need to accomplish. There is something in coffee that fills in my soul which brings me to the positive side of life.

And today, as I pressed our office's coffee machine, I randomly noticed that my outfit is likened to a black coffee as well. No frills, no other ingredients, just plain black ensemble.

It feels good. I feel I added a few metrics of maturity.

But ensemble is quite tricky. It could pass as I am dressing for the night (the versatility of LDBs!) so I opted to bring with me my old blazer. Yes, it protects me from…