Why did you resign?

It's few weeks away until I celebrate a new "anniversary" in my life. March 1, 2016 was the time that I traded my sky high heels with fit flops, my dress to kill outfits with laid back tee and shorts combo, and my work with my life.

It was the day I left the corporate world after almost 11 years of calling Makati as my second home. And you know the next thing, people keep bugging you with this question: 

Why did you resign?

When asked of this (even after several times already), my mind and heart would always travel to the world of words and attempt to string them together to give a decent answer. But guess what, I'd end up saying this without hesitation: I am not happy anymore. 

A simple answer yet solicits questions from my askers' eyes, to which I really do not bother detailing it but instead give back a go-figure-it-out stare (and a smile). 

But today, I felt like sharing a bit of it.

The thought of quitting work was not a snap decision. It was a long, tedious thought process which involved practically all aspects of my life - family, career, future, relationships, passion, society's perception, money, time - you name it. Each with a plethora of plus and minus points battling within myself. Then there's a universe of points of view from people whom you share that "thought". Then there are perceived "signs" along the way. All these, when lumped together, put me in a limbo. 

One family dinner, my brother-in-law shared to us an exercise in one of his office trainings that goes like this: 

Imagine it is your 80th birthday and all your loved ones are with you to celebrate. What do you want to hear from them as a son, as a husband, as a parent, as a brother, as an in law, as a friend, as a citizen, etc.

I guess it was the light in my seemingly dark tunnel. And in those long and silent nights, I reunite with myself and try to figure out my answer. It was also then that I realized that amidst all the advice you get to hear from other people, it is only YOU that could understand what EXACTLY you feel...

It was my starting point, and I guess, I can say, the rest was history.

So did I make the right decision? Will I still go back to the arms of corporate world? Honestly, I do not know. And no one knows. Because really, who can tell that staying or quitting is the best decision to make? But this I can tell you with all my heart (and fats): I've never been this happy as I am today. 

I have been a child again to my parents, a sister to my siblings, a mom to my nephew and nieces, a friend to my friends, and most of all, a wife to my husband. 

Oh, what a happy thought! 


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