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How do you survive?

I bet people asking me about my life now have one question on their mind which they're itching to ask me (but maybe finds it awkward to ask): how do you survive?

So let's get to the real deal of this. To survive, there are two factors to consider - the income and the expenses. For this piece, I will share my "hacks" on how I manage to keep my expenses at bay.

Cutting my expenses to more than half does not mean I cut the quality of my life - I still eat great food, you know, Lol.

1. Food 

A fool proof hack on food is to make your own. 

A sumptuous dish? I cook. A hot and aromatic coffee? I brew. A mouth watering dessert? I bake or prepare. They aren't the perfect or the tastiest version in the world, but Levy and I love most of our home cooked meals. And that's more than enough!

Cooking our own food slashes a big chunk of our expenses and boy I am loving every minute I spend in our kitchen!

Of course, I don't deprive myself with experiences at good restaura…

Why did you resign?

It's few weeks away until I celebrate a new "anniversary" in my life. March 1, 2016 was the time that I traded my sky high heels with fit flops, my dress to kill outfits with laid back tee and shorts combo, and my work with my life.

It was the day I left the corporate world after almost 11 years of calling Makati as my second home. And you know the next thing, people keep bugging you with this question: 
Why did you resign?
When asked of this (even after several times already), my mind and heart would always travel to the world of words and attempt to string them together to give a decent answer. But guess what, I'd end up saying this without hesitation: I am not happy anymore. 
A simple answer yet solicits questions from my askers' eyes, to which I really do not bother detailing it but instead give back a go-figure-it-out stare (and a smile). 
But today, I felt like sharing a bit of it.
The thought of quitting work was not a snap decision. It was a long, tedious …