Travel Glimpse: Tinago Falls, Biliran Island

Perhaps, one of the differences between a tourist and a traveler/adventure seeker is that the latter goes out of the comfort zone to experience nature's beauty at its finest. The long roads are not obstacles in reaching those intriguing places that one could see for himself.

Biliran island. Not a familiar sound when you ask people of where to go for an escapade. It's not Davao, nor Boracay, nor Cebu.

This island boasts a total of 30 falls, a number of smaller islands, and hotsprings.

One of the stops that we've had was the Tinago falls. From the name itself, this gem is a hidden treasure which needs to be unmasked by going through a 45-minute multicab ride from the main island (Naval).

The good thing about the falls is that there isn't a need to trek further to reach it and the local government has acknowledged it to be a tourist spot, hence the good road! Do you know that feeling when you're going to the "bukid"? The clean air, the lush greens, and the clear blue skies - all these I felt when we paved the way to Tinago falls.
And here are the kids going all giddy when they saw us!
Then there's the Tinago falls - splashing a strong waterfall that exudes cool ambiance! The water is so refreshing that plunging into it took out all the sweat that we had under the sun's smile.

Now if you ask what sets this apart among the other falls that I've been to, I think my ready answer is that there's really none. Like the other falls, this holds a majestic view that is common to other ones. But if there's really one that I need to point out, I think it is the serene and enchanting road leading to the place. The ride itself is already an experience!

How we reached Tinago Falls:
1. From Tacloban, rode Duptors van going to Naval (PhP 140)
2. From Naval, took a multicab (there are 9 of us so it is more practical than riding a habal-habal) going to Caibiran. Ride is approximately 45 minutes. Paid the driver Php 1,700 which we think is expensive, so please haggle!!!

Nearby Attractions:
1. Mainit hotsrping. Heads up, this is literally like a canal, but the water is indeed warm.
2. Tomalistis gamay waterfall. Again heads up, this is just a tiny, tiny flow of water.

Some snapshots of the Mainit hotsrping:


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